Sewing Classes
Level 2 Adult Sewing Class


What You’ll Learn:

  • Zip Insertion
  • Introduction to dressmaking
  • Clothing construction
  • Pattern reading
  • Sewing machine tensions
  • Sewing machine problem solving as they occur
  • Accessory construction- strap construction, hemming, DIY fabric ruffle trim, seam allowance, top stitching, right side v wrong side of fabric, measuring, pinning, cutting, and following a step by step pattern tutorial.
  • Safety of the machine

Entry Requirements:

  • Student needs to have completed a beginner level sewing course covering basic pattern reading


  • Students must have the ability to operate a sewing machine (thread machine, fill and thread bobbins)
  • Students must have the ability to read a basic pattern

What you’ll Create:

  • Zip cushion cover
  • Wrap skirt
  • Vintage 1950’s style halter neck Apron
  • Clear
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Our Level 2 Adult Sewing Course focuses on building on from a foundation level of sewing achieved in a level 1 course to take the student to the next level of their sewing abilities.

This sewing course is designed to add more strings to your bow if you wish to learn more practical skills which can be applied to every day sewing projects.

The course is 12.5 hours in total divided between 5 weekly classes. Each class is project oriented with students working at their own pace to achieve their goals in a relaxed and fun environment. Our goal at Sew Fun Studios is to help you achieve yours!

Sewing machines, materials and project notes provided.

Class Time

Evenings 7pm-9.30pm, Mornings 10am-12.30pm